New Esklavos Site

New Esklavos website

New Esklavos website

After all this time Esklavos portal was redesigned.
Now with the new design categories will be easier access to the chapters in each series. For example, clicking on the top menu Esklavos category, we have the list of chapters of the series.
Another novelty is the library. While not yet uploaded the content, I’m going to just populating items.
The bulletin board allows to know the progress of the games and advertisements in general.
This new site aims to merge the old blog Esklavos with the old website. As articles are going to find very old (like Esklavos C1) with their original comments.

There are still many things to add, as the category “Downloads”, user registration, and more. But the main work is done.

I hope you like it!
– Federico Rutenberg


13 Responses to New Esklavos Site

  1. Jane says:

    You are an amazing designer, love your games.

  2. Scott says:

    I love your games but now, since the new site, the game links take me to blank pages. What’s different? Please help!

  3. When I go to your games there is no link to click for the games

  4. WEDU says:

    Hi, I like to play your games,but since 1month it is not possible to play your games. Wenn I go to your site the page is black,and there is no link to go to the games. Just advertisements. What can I do?
    Thank you for the answer

  5. Fede says:

    Thank you for the comments! I’m looking for that bug you mention. Just in case, try to load the web in a different browser, such as firefox, chrome or explorer. Regards! Fede

  6. Linda says:

    Love your games…please when will new ones come out

  7. Linda says:

    use chrome works for me

  8. Mike says:

    1)Ungo, click en el agujero del arbol de la decreha, saldra un pajaro selecciona a Noreina y clickealo para obtener la melodia \ llamado animal\ 2)Ungo, click en el agujero peque?o del arbol de la izquierda, saldra un bicho y un pajaro se lo comera3)Noreina, arrastra la flauta al agujero por el que salio el pajaro y toca la melodia animal el pajaro volara4) Ungo, click en el agujero por donde salio el pajaro, coge una botella, luego click en el agujero peque?o, coge el escarabajo5)coge la pala y arrastrala a la pila de tierra frente a la puerta. 6)arrastra la botella a la pila de tierra y coge el barro7)arrastra el escarabajo al reptil selecciona a Noreina y click en el reptil mientras come para conseguir la melodia de empatia animal8)arrastra la flauta al reptil y toca la melodia empatia selecciona a Ungo y coge el reptil9)selecciona a Noreina y arrastra el reptil a la grieta de la puerta, traera una figura arrastra la figura a la puerta para abrirla10)noreina, coge la corona de las escaleras y la llave de la roca de la izquierda (brilla)11)sal de la cueva, arrastra la llave al bolso y conseguiras otra corona12) entra y coloca las coronas en el gran Aisil, clickea la de arriba hasta que aparecera el simbolo del rayo en la piedra clickea la inferior hasta que aparezca el simbolo de fuego en el suelo13)arrastra la flauta al agujero del techo y pulsa 4 veces la gota de agua el gran Aisil se desbloquearanim ecuntra a .

  9. Nuckelhedd says:

    Would love it if there were something new to do. After the Mahantars quest, there is literally NOTHING to fight or adventure on to make points. PLEASE make something new. It has been months.

  10. can we have new games … please :cheer:

  11. lorispad says:

    It’s so sad that there’s no new Halloween game this year??

  12. Anonymous says:

    what’s going on with Esklavos?? no new games, internal affairs issues?

  13. Koko says:

    I miss Esklavos games!!! Please bring us a new one!!! I really enjoyed the 2 outbreak games, was hoping to see more!!!

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