Merchant of Quebrantar

merchant_yaltarisI have some news about Quebrantar. The first one is the object purchase system. Yaltaris is the first merchant and he can be found in the Quebrantar merchant. He has three main weapons for sale, short sword, staff and bow. Each one is focused on your preference. For example if you want to be warriors, swords are ideal because they increase damage with the strength. Staffs are for mages, and you can increase spell power with intelligence. And finally for those who are skilled archers short are the best choice.

There’s also a new quest to complete. If you go left in the market you’ll find a girl who needs help. To achieve this objective it is better to have a weapon, as the difficulty in black swamp is more elevated.

And finally the dialogue system. It is no longer the flat conversation. Now you can choose what to tell. Lie or truth. And ask for additional information.

At the moment the system is still in beta stage, so you can find some bugs. If so please send a message or comment here. Enjoy! – Fede


24 Responses to Merchant of Quebrantar

  1. Ender says:

    There are no weapons to buy

  2. Cacaoamaro says:

    We have no money and no way to buy weapons. We have no way to go to black swamp, unless going back to maps, but once we are in the swamp we do not understand how to fight.

  3. Fede says:

    Hi Ender, you must be logged in to see the weapons, Regards!

  4. Fede says:

    Hi Cacaoamaro, you can earn money killing 10 spiders in the ancient forest. Then you can buy a weapon and fight with mahantars in the black swamp. Enjoy!

  5. Janus Chen says:

    How to defeat Mahantar ? Is there any paticular way to defeat Mahantar ?

  6. Janus Chen says:

    When I link to My profile and Character, system shows that linkage is broken

  7. Fede says:

    Hi Janus Chen, I’ve solved the problem with spaces in usernames. Check it now, It should be working.
    If you have a weapon, you can defeat mahantars easily. Regards!

  8. Janus Chen says:

    Hi Fede,
    I can link Profile now, but Character still no working,
    I have a staff, but do not know how to use.
    Thank you for your help.

  9. Janus Chen says:

    Hi Fede,
    I can not link to my Equip….

  10. Fede says:

    Hi Janus Chen, the links are working now, please try again. It was an issue related to the english portal. Thank you for letting me know!

  11. Janus Chen says:

    Hi Fede,
    Yes, I can link those linkage now. thank you.
    By the way, how to use my weapon, now I can only fight with my fist.
    And I always be beaten badly by Mahantar.

  12. Janus Chen says:

    All right, I know how to use my weapon now.
    And finally I won for once.

  13. Nuckelhedd says:

    So how do we get more experiance? Do we have to fight everyday? Just wondering

  14. Nuckelhedd says:

    Been sitting here waiting for ANYTHING new to do. Kind of bored in that once the Mahantars quest is done, everyone becomes a top adventurer with 11421 points and there is nothing new to do for months now. Is anyone going to make ANYTHING AT ALL?

  15. Fede says:

    Hi Nuckelhedd, I’m currently working on an escape game, I’ll be with Quebrantar soon :)

  16. shukzie says:

    How do I use my weapon to fight the Mahantar? All I have is the short sword. Is that enough? Please tell me how to defeat him!

  17. shukzie says:

    how do I find the poisoned ring in the Frozen Spears Cave? I completed the frozen spears and found nothing? What do I do?

  18. shukzie says:

    sorry for all the questions but how do we get more points to upgrade our abilities?

  19. shukzie says:

    I found out how to use my weapon and defeated the Mahantar!
    And found out how to get the poisoned ring.
    Thanks anyway!

  20. shukzie says:

    I got a leaf necklace from defeating the Mahantars. Does anyone know if it is a weapon cauz I can’t equip it.

  21. Fede says:

    Hi Shukzie, sorry for the delay. Leaf Necklace is a quest item, you can’t equip that. You’ve found it in the swamp… And someone lost her sister in the swamps… :)

  22. shukzie says:

    I defeated the spiders and the Mahantars who were in the swamps but no sign of the sister. I hope once I defeat the possessed hounds I’ll know more about how to find the sister and the poisoned ring. Am I on the right track to finding the sister or did I miss something in the swamps?

  23. shukzie says:

    ok hounds defeated but where is the sister?
    Did I miss something or is she coming?

  24. jerrdy says:

    I need to kill spiders to get money to buy weapons, but when I go to the Ancient Forest, it says I am exhausted and need rest come back tomorrow. How do I rest? I try this everyday. Thanks

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