Pirate Coast Escape 3

pirate_coast_escape_3You came to a Caribbean island to search the treasure. You must be quick or the pirate will find it first.


3 Responses to Pirate Coast Escape 3

  1. Another great adventure!! The empty can puzzled me for too long – just one example of the really good puzzles!! Thank you, Esklavos!

  2. stuart56 says:

    A good one. Thank you again.

  3. shukzie says:

    what games do I have to play to gain more EXPERIENCE POINTS And which ones to get OBJECTS from in my profile
    I’m only on level 3. I did the 3 QUEBRANTAR/ CAILA chapters and got 1 quest from each one (WILL, STRENGTH, and MORALE).
    I’m playing other games and am not gaining anymore EXPERIENCE POINTS!!!!

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