Duendes in New Year

New year is coming and the elves are not prepared yet! Where are the ballons, the drink, the flowers and the magic? Duendes is a short game, but I am just in time for new year with this gift for you :) Enjoy! - Fede  

Duendes in Christmas 2

The second generation of elves comes to the new Esklavos portal. Pumpus, Gofin, Gogor and Lumiena are the protagonists. The goal is simple: produce six gifts. But sometimes the elves can become angry and ruin Christmas ... Therefore, the end can change depending on...

Duendes in Christmas

Christmas was coming and I had no Christmas game... After five days without sleep, here you have, a christmas present! "Duendes" is the spanish word for gnomes or elves. Enjoy! - Fede