Falling Lights – the crypt

Dan was sitting on the porch of his farm, when it all brightened. The light faded into the northern mountain and everything went dark again. The next morning, Dan found the right place. And he started exploring ... Falling Lights is a game in which you can interact...

Outbreak escape 3

Hello everyone! In these months I´ve been very bussy at work. But this week I was able to develop a new escape game. I´m happy to read your comments. Hope you like this game. I´ll try to develop a new game as soon as posible. The house is surrounded by a great number...

The Soul Stone escape

Hello! First of all I wanted to thank you for the comments. In these last months I was very busy at work and I had no time to develop new games.  But this winter vacations I was able to release a new escape game. I also wanted to tell you that the shop won't be...

The Aviator Escape

A mad scientist has flooded the entire earth with his weather manipulation machine. You must destroy his machine with the help of the aviator to save all animal species. Enjoy!

Rabbits and Magic

An absent-minded magician can potentially cause many problems. Find the missing child and escape from the rabbit's world. Enjoy!

The Witch and the Child

The Queen's son has been kidnaped by an evil witch. Help the child and escape from this fantasy world. Enjoy! Fede

The Queen and the Dragon

The queen went to confront the dragon but she never returned. The villagers need your help. If you find her, she can tell you how to escape from that world. Enjoy!

Stains and the Guru

Get in touch with the nature's energy could be a little difficult, even more if you drive an old van. Get the guru's key to escape. Enjoy! Fede

Stains and the Yeti

You were flying along with your dog Stains when your airplane broke in unknown lands. You’ll need the help of the Yeti to escape. Enjoy! Fede

Stains and the Giant

You were flying along with your dog Stains when your flying machine broke in unknown lands. You'll need the help of a giant to escape. Enjoy! Fede

Five Worlds Escape

Explore the five worlds and find the lost dreams to escape. Enjoy! Fede

Five Islands Escape

Get the necessary items to escape from the five islands. Enjoy!