The Witch and the Child

The Queen's son has been kidnaped by an evil witch. Help the child and escape from this fantasy world. Enjoy! Fede

Halloween Tales Escape

You're the main ingredient of a delicious soup. You have two options, wash your feet and get into the cauldron or find a way to escape. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween! Fede

Magic Halloween Escape 3

In the forest of ashes lived a feared witch. The stories tell that the witch was able to enter into the people dreams and bring them into the deep woods. And this time it happened to you. But maybe you can make a deal with her to escape ... Enjoy! Fede

Quebrantar – Caila the Witch

You came to the island of Quebrantar to show some documents to your friend Aldris and you seek Caila, who is about to be executed. You must find a way to help her and find out what is happening on the island. Quebrantar is part of the map and story of Caila Raven....

Magic Halloween Escape 2

The evil witch Is back. You have to find the four colored keys to escape. Enjoy!  

Magic Halloween Escape

An evil witch cast a spell over the forest people. You have to help them and escape. Enjoy!  

Coven Escape 2

Escape from the coven using the four colored keys. Enjoy!  

Coven Escape

Escape from the coven using the four colores keys. Enjoy!  

Caila Raven – and the black book

Caila is a young witch who is just beginning his apprenticeship with Gwenn, his grandmother and mentor. Before beginning his instruction, Caila must find the black book, hidden beyond the forests and mountains of the fog. Enjoy! - Fede  

Gatuno in Halloween

Gatuno in Halloween is a short game. It´s a Halloween gift :) After my vacations I'll be here to release the next chapter of Doctor KU. We have to work with my friend Carlos, to bring a new challenge to you. There are no plans at the moment to release the second part...