Inspector Kloo 9

Inspector Kloo is back with a difficult case. Some invaluable artworks have disappeared from Mr. Millers house. But the thief has left some clues that can help you with the investigation. Find the needed evidence and call the police station. Enjoy! Fede

Inspector Kloo 8: the stolen bracelet

The bracelet disappeared mysteriously. The house owner says that the thief should be in the island. Follow the clues to find the bracelet. Enjoy! - Fede  

Inspector Kloo 6

While I am working on the final chapters of Ketinetto and Treasure of Big Totem, here you have a new case to solve. Inspector Kloo 6 have to find a stolen necklace. You must search for clues around the house. This time the house is inhabited, so you must interact with...

Inspector Kloo 5

Inspector Kloo is back again. This time he will have to find the three stolen rings in the house on the island. In this chapter I have added the option to continue your saved game (saved automatically)... If you find any bug, please notice! ;) I also want to tell you...

Inspector Kloo 4

A new case for Inspector Kloo. This time you will have to find three stolen pearls. To achieve this, you must enter the beach house, and remember, it is not completely uninhabited ... Enjoy! - Fede  

Inspector Kloo 3

The thief is hidden in the hut. But you have to enter by surprise to catch him! Enjoy! - Fede  

Inspector Kloo 2

Inspector Kloo must solve another case. This time, you must find the hidden weapon to escape the cellar. It is not so easy! Enjoy! - Fede  

Inspector Kloo

While I am working on Ketinetto 6 here you have a little game. Inspector Kloo must collect evidence to find the thief of the 3 relics. Enjoy! - Fede