Falling Lights – the crypt

Dan was sitting on the porch of his farm, when it all brightened. The light faded into the northern mountain and everything went dark again. The next morning, Dan found the right place. And he started exploring ... Falling Lights is a game in which you can interact...

The Irritatis: the road

The Irritatis: the road, is a kind of playable short. You can be driving quietly on the route, enjoying the landscape. And when you see some steam coming out from the engine, you think about the bottle of water you've forgotten on the table. Anyway you stay calm...

Magic Christmas Escape

It won't be easy to find the four gifts to escape the magic forest. Maybe elves can help you ... As a request I've added the object names in the inventory . Enjoy! - Fede  

White Light Escape

Recover the memories of childhood, adolescence and the present to escape from the white light. I Hope you like it. It is a new idea I wanted to develop. I put main focus on music and environments. Enjoy! - Fede

Escape from Fan’s House

Escape from Fan's house is a small escape game created with a new engine I have developed. Using the editor, you can build your own house. It is at beta stage, so, if you found any bug, please report :) Enjoy! - Fede  

Totem Differences

This is my first spot the differences game :) There are 4 levels, and 8 differences per level. Try to do the highest score! Enjoy! - Fede  

Escape the reef

Escape the reef is an unpublished part of Ketinetto 6. I've decided to release it as a Escape game. It is not so easy!!! Enjoy! - Fede  

Save the totem village

A new chapter of the 3totems serie. There are new features: You can control the 3 characters. Coordinate actions. And two plane scroll. The adventure engine is more complex, so if you find any bug, please report it :) Enjoy! - Fede  

Rescue the Totems

In the last days I've been working in a new game motor. It combine platform games with adventure game style. Please report any bug ;) Enjoy! - Fede  

Mix the Totems

Mix the Totems is a puzzle game developed for 3totems. I have done the illustrations. You can save your highscores! Enjoy! - Fede