Inspector Kloo 6

While I am working on the final chapters of Ketinetto and Treasure of Big Totem, here you have a new case to solve. Inspector Kloo 6 have to find a stolen necklace. You must search for clues around the house. This time the house is inhabited, so you must interact with...

Inspector Kloo 5

Inspector Kloo is back again. This time he will have to find the three stolen rings in the house on the island. In this chapter I have added the option to continue your saved game (saved automatically)... If you find any bug, please notice! ;) I also want to tell you...

Inspector Kloo 4

A new case for Inspector Kloo. This time you will have to find three stolen pearls. To achieve this, you must enter the beach house, and remember, it is not completely uninhabited ... Enjoy! - Fede  

Treasure of Big Totem 15

Treasure of BigTotem 15 is here! After a long search on the totem Island, Victoria found the swamp of memories. A difficult test to meet the fears of the past and find the next scroll. Enjoy! - Fede  

The ballad of Ketinetto 8

Finally The ballad of Ketinetto 8 is here! Amber and Ketinetto reached the top of the cliff, where a trap blocks the passage. The villagers should be close ... Enjoy! - Fede  

Lino in Christmas

Help Lino to go back to his home in christmas. Lino is a christmas gift for all esklavos and point 'n' click fans. With this game, I want to tell you Merry Christmas! Enjoy! - Fede  

Treasure of Big Totem 14

Some time ago a plane crashed on the island and nothing was heard about the crew. You must investigate and find the next scroll. Enjoy! - Fede  

Ashes of Alkirian

After many months of experiments, I have added a multiplayer routine to the adventure engine. There are two game modes, as a guest and other as a registered user. When you register you can create your avatar, chat, save achivements and special objects. Ashes of...

Treasure of Big Totem 13

In Treasure of Big Totem 13 there are many secrets beyond the fountain of desires... You must reveal it to get the next scroll... Enjoy! - Fede  

Treasure of Big Totem 12

Coded by Ariel and with graphics by Alejandro, here you have the part 12 of Big Totem. In this chapter you have to search for the next scroll hidden into the mystic old man 's store... Enjoy! - Fede  

Treasure of Big Totem 11

Amara, the lastest member come to the island, have to find the scroll. But it isn't an easy task. She must align the sun with the earth and the moon... Enjoy! - Fede  

Escape from Fan’s House

Escape from Fan's house is a small escape game created with a new engine I have developed. Using the editor, you can build your own house. It is at beta stage, so, if you found any bug, please report :) Enjoy! - Fede