Doctor Ku – the kitchen

This is the second part of Doctor Ku. In this episode you must escape from the kitchen. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.  :) Enjoy! - Fede  

Esklavos c16

Yes I know, two months since the last chapter :) This one took me more work than others, because it contains one of the most important parts of the story. This chapter is longer than the previous one. I hope you enjoy it until the final chapter arrives. Enjoy! - Fede...

Doctor Ku – the cellar

It is not the c16. It is an escape adventure game that we have created with Carlos (a friend of mine). The game is called Doctor KU - the cellar. Have fun!!! - Fede  

Esklavos c15

I have spent a lot of time adapting the graphics to recreate the game atmosphere. Now I am happy with the final results. Have fun!!! - Fede  

Esklavos c14

This chapter took me a month to develop, but it is here now. The story is more clear, and only remaining three chapters to the end :) Enjoy this new chapter!!! - Fede

Esklavos c13

C13 is a short chapter, but with more items to use than other chapters. I am currently working with a friend in the english portal. Future chapters will be real english translation (not internet). :P The adventures of Ketinetto begin here. In this chapter you must...

Esklavos c12

Finally here it is. The c12! As I said, c12 and c13 are short chapters, so I have decided to work both together. C13 may be ready in over a week. I think that this chapter is short, but not so easy. Have fun!  - Fede

Esklavos c11

Hello everybody! As I told you, c11 took me one more day, I have added more graphics to the introduction. You will see. Prepare your musical knowledge, because in this new chapter you'll need them.  :) Have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy! - Fede

Esklavos c10

Virop and Floda have to cross the mountain, but first, they must avoid the Uro guard. Enjoy! - Fede

Esklavos c9

Seeking a way out of the bowels of the earth, Nim meets the root of Akea. It will not be easy to escape the maze of crystals. Enjoy! - Fede

Esklavos c8

5:30... morning… I am slept, I´ve began to see Ding and Dong jeje Hello everybody! Here I bring the C8. There are new features, within most important emphasizes the use of some techniques of 2.5D. It is a simulation of 3d. If your machine explodes it is not my fault...

Esklavos c7

As you can see C7 took me more time than I have expected, but at least I finished it :) Without a doubt the newness of this chapter goes by the side of the music. You are going to listen a fragment of the main musical theme of Esklavos… It is only a fragment, the...