Magic Island Escape 13

Magic Island Escape 13Escapa de la isla mágica usando las cuatro llaves de colores.



Escape from the magic island using four colored keys.


16 Responses to Magic Island Escape 13

  1. Veromia says:

    Me sorprendiste! Gracias Fede

  2. Jud says:

    Well done !!

  3. sueh says:

    Wow……………quickest i`ve ever done one……………………:-) :-)

  4. sb says:

    Saludos, Fede muy bueno y entreenido :woohoo: :lol: :ketinetto:

  5. i. says:

    Thank you, I enjoy your games so much :))

  6. Rosa says:

    Buenísimo el juego Fede! Muchas gracias! :D Me encantan estos juegos y el ambiente en ellos es muy relajante :)

  7. Anónimo says:

    fede pro favor da almenos señales de :ketinetto: que no soporto mas esta espera

  8. toma says:

    Its not opening

  9. toma says:


  10. Polishgirl says:

    Every Saturday I look for new game, last time I was to early, so today is lucky day for me :)
    Thanks Fede :cheer:

  11. marcika says:

    Oh my God Fede!
    I’ve tried to start a game right now, and I’ve got a horrible and threatening message before it. It says this site will be closed at the end of this month or something similar. Can you heal our hearts with saying it’s not true, or at least tell us what will happen!? Please answer me!!!!

  12. Fede says:

    Hi Marcika! Don’t worry about that message. Mochi Media is only an advertisement company, they will be shutting down on march 31. But that won’t interfere with any Esklavos game or with this website :) Just ignore the message and click continue. I’m working to publish a new game this weekend. Have a nice day!

  13. marcika says:

    Thanks you very much Fede!
    You’ve managed to calm me down! :)
    Ok, the system requires the ads, its trivial nowadays, but f*ck all the false information spreading messages!
    I’m sure it’s a good joke for some, but sufficiently pitiable type of humour.
    All in all I’m really glad that there’s no trouble, and I’m waiting for your new game(s)!


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