merchant_yaltarisI have some news about Quebrantar. The first one is the object purchase system. Yaltaris is the first merchant and he can be found in the Quebrantar merchant. He has three main weapons for sale, short sword, staff and bow. Each one is focused on your preference. For example if you want to be warriors, swords are ideal because they increase damage with the strength. Staffs are for mages, and you can increase spell power with intelligence. And finally for those who are skilled archers short are the best choice.

There’s also a new quest to complete. If you go left in the market you’ll find a girl who needs help. To achieve this objective it is better to have a weapon, as the difficulty in black swamp is more elevated.

And finally the dialogue system. It is no longer the flat conversation. Now you can choose what to tell. Lie or truth. And ask for additional information.

At the moment the system is still in beta stage, so you can find some bugs. If so please send a message or comment here. Enjoy! – Fede