Werewolves Escape

werewolves_escapeEscapa de los hombres lobo usando los cuatro ojos de cristal.
Escape from the werewolves using the four crystal eyes.

17 Responses to Werewolves Escape

  1. Veromia says:

    Si, si, si Gracias Fede. Excelente!!

  2. sueh says:

    :) :) :) Can`t get enough of these games………………….. :D

  3. Kano says:

    Genial, como siempre. Gracias Fede. Me provocas una alegria cada vez que entro en esta página y veo que hay un juego nuevo!!!

  4. marcika says:

    Hi Fede!
    I love it!
    But you made a mistake:(I HOPE IT’S NOT A SPOILER, BUT WHO KNOWS!!!) the right one of the horizontal stone clue on the wooden table is not correct. It shows right and down, and we have no chance to do it. Ok, I «solved», but just with some (clever) fortune.

  5. biochem says:

    Again up to the usual very good standard.

  6. (Dmitry I. Vyatkin)| says:

    Very good game. Thank author (Federico Rutenberg)|. But I think authors should create the some new features. All our life is learning.

  7. Jud says:

    Yiiii Haaaa !!! Well done – great Game ! :0 :lol: :silly:

  8. Fede says:

    Thank you for the comments! :)

  9. Fede says:

    Gracias por los comentarios! :)

  10. Fede says:

    You are right Marcika, it was a small mistake :pinch: but that is not an obstacle for the smartest community of escapists :)

  11. Fede says:

    Thank you Dmitry! A new chapter of quebrantar with new puzzles is coming! Regards!

  12. sb says:

    como siempre brindándonos un buen rato de entretenimiento; Gracias Fede. :woohoo:

  13. rick says:

    Excellente game, as usaul Federico :)

  14. RosaS says:

    Excelente juego, Fede! :lol: Me encanta este tipo de ambiente nocturno en tus juegos :) y el diseño de los lobos está genial!

  15. amy says:

    costo un poco pero lo logré…

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