Ungo, employed by a courier agency

In his home planet was employed in a transfer agency and courier charges. Their work did not have many surprises, carry packages from one place to another. But that day, when it was entrusted to carry a shipment of dolls on the planet Akea Virop accompanied by his life would take a new direction.
A silly distraction, had his ship crashed on the planet Akea. Perhaps another kind of reception awaited. The planet was invaded by sturdy creatures with sharp teeth, and equipped with advanced weapons technology.
They were immediately taken prisoner and condemned to work in extracting Aisil crystals.
After a successful escape, destinations Virop Ungo and separated.
Aided by Ekalion and taken to the forests of Achaean, was glimpsed when he saw the sweet face of Noreina first. And she, although a little surprised by the unique appearance of Ungo, came to feel a strong affection for him.
Along with Noreina, neutralized the main checkpoint of Uroz, leaving free passage to the army Akeo.
Your participation in the liberation of Akea was of utmost importance.

Then reach deeply saddened when he sees Naedrin with the body of Virop. Until then, I never imagine that the heart of Floda be large enough to restore life to Virop.
In farewell, receives a gift from Noreina, flute enchantments which takes with great joy.


Tras un exitoso escape, los destinos de Ungo y de Virop se separaron.
Ayudado por Ekalion y llevado a los bosques de aquea, se vislumbró cuando vió el dulce rostro de Noreina por primera vez. Y ella, aunque un poco sorprendida por la singular apariencia de Ungo, llegó a sentir un fuerte afecto por él.