Objetos Perdidos

sign_200x200A partir de ahora van a poder ver un cartel en los mercaderes de Quebrantar con una lista de objetos perdidos. Por el momento el único objeto de la lista es el Anillo Envenenado. Este anillo se extravió en las cuevas de las lanzas heladas, morada de peligrosas bestias, aún más peligrosas que los Mahantar.
Si deciden ir en busca del anillo, tendrán que estar bien armados. Buena suerte!
From now on you will be able to see a sign on the merchants of Quebrantar with a list of missing items. At the moment the only item in the list is the Poisoned Ring. This ring was lost in the frozen spears caves, place of dangerous beasts, even more dangerous than Mahantars. If you decide to do this quest, you will have to be well armed. Good luck!

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  1. King Jessy says:

    Hi Fede,
    This is great. My character is new and unfortunately weak, so I can’t yet fight things or even earn any money. I’m told I’m too exhausted to fight spiders any more. Wondering if I put points into Vitality will that make me able to fight more frequently (in real time)?
    Also I’m wondering whether, if one doesn’t spend one’s points (i.e. on Life, Strength, etc) does one lose them? I think I had two points that I didn’t want to spend until I found out the answer to my question above about vitality and now they’re gone.

  2. King Jessy says:

    Hi again,
    If only it was possible to delete one’s own posts when one realizes they were unnecessary! I ended up reading your post in which you explained about Vitality after having posted above. Now I’m wishing that I’d put all my points into Vitality from the beginning. Would it be possible to reassign them? (And I’m still pretty sure I lost 2 points from not using them)
    Thanks very much! :)

  3. Fede says:

    Hi King Jessy,
    Do not worry, unused points are not lost. As I can see you are in level 3. So, every time you level up you earn 2 free points (4 in total for your character because in level 1 you have no free points). You have used one in life, gived one to intelligence and two to vitality.
    At the moment there’s no option to rearrange the points, but I’ll add this function in a future update.

  4. ximenita says:

    fede no hay enlace del juego :unsure:

  5. Maca says:

    No hay enlace :( :( :(

  6. Fede says:

    Ximenita y Maca, es solo una misión de Quebrantar para recuperar un anillo. Les dejo el link del mapa: https://www.esklavos.com/adventure/quebrantar/

  7. Maca says:

    Ok Fede :) Gracias de todas maneras, me encantan tus juegos!! Saludos :*

  8. jalors says:

    Hola Fede!

    Cuántos ‘perritos’ hay que cargarse?

    un saludo

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