Quebrantar Chapter 3: The Frozen Spears

Farendar, Valtania and you, walked through the frozen spears, looking for the last loyal soldiers who were hiding somewhere in the mountains. After two weeks of hard work and with many Esklavos server issues, here I bring a new chapter of Quebrantar! With new puzzles...

Quebrantar – The Black Swamp

Farendar was waiting fou you in Tuormur to talk about an important issue, but his health worsened after leaving the Quebrantar prison. There's a powerful toxin flowing in his veins produced by the non-living or Shapibi. If you go to the black swamp to find the...

Quebrantar – Caila the Witch

You came to the island of Quebrantar to show some documents to your friend Aldris and you seek Caila, who is about to be executed. You must find a way to help her and find out what is happening on the island. Quebrantar is part of the map and story of Caila Raven....

Caila Raven – the bard tears

After a long journey Erien returns home. But he discovers that strange creatures have invaded. You must alert the citizens sooner! Enjoy! - Fede  

Caila Raven and the draco

Near the temple of magicians was a small town. And in the deep roads of the forest, a powerful Draco stalked. Only the skills of a Bard could face the beast ... Enjoy! - Fede  

Caila Raven and the ritual

The professor Erion  has discovered that several students were housed in the tower. He suspects that students have the scroll. Help Caila to enter the tower of the Order of Magicians. Enjoy! - Fede  

Caila Raven – and the ancient scroll

Finally Caila managed to enter to the temple of the Order of Mages. There she must start the instruction to cast spells. But apparently not everything is in order ... Enjoy! - Fede  

Caila Raven and the temple of the order

After a long journey and looking for the Order of Mages, Caila stopped at an old cemetery. The passage was blocked by a cloud of death and she must find a way to dispel it. Enjoy! - Fede  

Caila Raven – and the black book

Caila is a young witch who is just beginning his apprenticeship with Gwenn, his grandmother and mentor. Before beginning his instruction, Caila must find the black book, hidden beyond the forests and mountains of the fog. Enjoy! - Fede