Esklavos c6

As I promised, here I bring the C6 to you. In this new chapter, the fanatics of role playing are going to have their place. As many requested difficulty, C6 is a little more complex to solve compared with the previous chapter, but only a little, nothing impossible ;)...

The Ballad of Floda and Ekel

Here I bring to you the first ballad of Esklavos. With this, I hope to clarify many doubts on the story. Ballad 1 is not playable. I will begin chapter 6 in this days. Enjoy! - Fede  

Esklavos c5

After a long wait... here is C5!!! In this new chapter, I´ve added a real multi-screen management system. Enjoy!!! :)  

Esklavos c4

After a looooong way... C4! The most important thing to stand out is the incorporation of a new system that I've called K-ROL. K-ROL is a nested dialogues system. Enjoy C4! :)  

Esklavos c3

Here I am, bringing a new chapter for you to hate me when breaking your head trying to solve it hehe. C3 incorporates a better object handling system. I added the inventory, it allows you to drag objects towards the screen.I am not going to say anymore, so you can...

Esklavos c2

Esklavos chapter 2 is available to play now! After a month of intense work, second part of the adventure is allready done. I am not going to tell you about the game, So you are invited to discover it by yourself. The only thing I can tell you, is the fact that you can...

Esklavos c1

Hi! This is the first chapter of Esklavos. In this one you have to help the two young aliens to escape from the cave of Uroz. Enjoy! - Fede