Outbreak Escape 2

You ran kilometers to escape the infected and you came to an abandoned farm. There's a truck in the garage, but it has no gasoline. Get enough food to escape the farm. Enjoy! Fede

Outbreak Escape

It all started in the city hospital. The virus spread and human became beasts. Get ten vaccines for the survivors and escape using the ambulance. Enjoy!

The Senses Escape

You are in a small room and you can't stop staring that picture. How strange, the picture seems to be moving ... Find a way to escape from the senses. Enjoy!

Vampire Escape 3

Escape from the vampires solving the secrets deep in the catacombs. Enjoy!

After Easter Escape

You were cleaning out the attic of your house when you found a strange closed box with complex mechanisms. You could hear a faint tapping coming from that box. Maybe not a good idea to try to open it, but that depends on you. A little late but here you have the easter...

The Games of Escape

An old house ... A strange man giving instructions on TV. And every time you wake up something has changed. Get out as soon as possible of this macabre game. Enjoy!

Magic New Year Escape

New year is almost here and the old clock is not working. Find a way to fix it to celebrate new year. Enjoy!

Identity Escape

You woke up in a house similar to yours, but this one is much older. Something strange is happening ... Find a way to escape this situation. Enjoy!  

Three Nights Escape

Strange things are happening. Is this real? Try to escape from this bad dream. Enjoy!