After Easter Escape

You were cleaning out the attic of your house when you found a strange closed box with complex mechanisms. You could hear a faint tapping coming from that box. Maybe not a good idea to try to open it, but that depends on you. A little late but here you have the easter...

Alien Invasion Escape

Escape from the alien invasion finding the weak point of the attackers. Perhaps this game will be a little short, but the idea was to test the new adventure engine and experiment with the old aesthetics of comics. Enjoy! - Fede

The Games of Escape

An old house ... A strange man giving instructions on TV. And every time you wake up something has changed. Get out as soon as possible of this macabre game. Enjoy!

Quebrantar Chapter 3: The Frozen Spears

Farendar, Valtania and you, walked through the frozen spears, looking for the last loyal soldiers who were hiding somewhere in the mountains. After two weeks of hard work and with many Esklavos server issues, here I bring a new chapter of Quebrantar! With new puzzles...

Werewolves Escape

Escape from the werewolves using the four crystal eyes. Enjoy!

The Big Crab Escape

A criminal gang stole the plans to build new generation weapons. You Decided to find and destroy them to avoid a catastrophe. Enjoy! - Fede

Robot Nest Escape

"Human created robots ... Robots created robots and dominated humans." Destroy the robot nest and escape. Enjoy! - Fede

50s Dream Escape

You tried to start the car but it did not work ... And your girl asks for her flowers, chocolates and the music you promised. If you do not hurry you'll arrive late to the cinema. Find a way to escape from this dream in the 50s. Enjoy! - Fede p.d. I've composed the...

Magic Forest Escape 4

Escape from the magic forest using the four crystal eyes. Enjoy!

Magic New Year Escape

New year is almost here and the old clock is not working. Find a way to fix it to celebrate new year. Enjoy!

Magic Christmas Escape 3

When you woke up, the first thing you saw was a mysterious note on the front door. "Do not open gifts before midnight, they can come alive ...". But curiosity is so big. Enjoy! - Fede