Outbreak Escape

It all started in the city hospital. The virus spread and human became beasts. Get ten vaccines for the survivors and escape using the ambulance. Enjoy!

The Trials Forest

You are trapped into a magic forest and the keeper will open the portal only if you bring back the ancestors ring. To succeed you will have to pass the trials of the forest. Enjoy!

Lost Treasure Escape

Here it is a new game from Kamikaze Worm. The treasure is scattered along the island and you have to get all the coins to escape. Enjoy!

The Irritatis: the road

The Irritatis: the road, is a kind of playable short. You can be driving quietly on the route, enjoying the landscape. And when you see some steam coming out from the engine, you think about the bottle of water you've forgotten on the table. Anyway you stay calm...

Inspector Kloo 9

Inspector Kloo is back with a difficult case. Some invaluable artworks have disappeared from Mr. Millers house. But the thief has left some clues that can help you with the investigation. Find the needed evidence and call the police station. Enjoy! Fede

Nodes Machine Escape

Every planet is a node. These nodes are conected by an invisible force. All those who can undertand that force can easily travel anywhere. You are on an unknown planet and the machine that has transported you is out of energy. Charge it to go back to home. Enjoy!...

The Senses Escape

You are in a small room and you can't stop staring that picture. How strange, the picture seems to be moving ... Find a way to escape from the senses. Enjoy!

(Ketinetto 11) You can help us

Hello! You can help us to develop The Ballad of Ketinetto 11 visiting the shop. With any subscription you are supporting our entire work. - Game features: - High definition graphics (HD). - Music composed for the chapter. - 8 different scenes with puzzles, dialogues...

Vampire Escape 3

Escape from the vampires solving the secrets deep in the catacombs. Enjoy!

The Microcosm Escape

The Microcosm Escape can be a little easy for the level to which you are accustomed, but my intention was to experiment with a new graphic style and visual effects. You have to get four insects to escape from the microcosm. I want to thank Steve Cloutier and Hélène...

Lost Objects

From now on you will be able to see a sign on the merchants of Quebrantar with a list of missing items. At the moment the only item in the list is the Poisoned Ring. This ring was lost in the frozen spears caves, place of dangerous beasts, even more dangerous than...