Magic Book Escape

You are trapped into a magic book. You must find the four lost pages to escape. Enjoy!  

Desolation Escape

Suddenly you found yourself in a desolate scenario. A complete city devastated. But someone managed to escape before you, you must find the way. Enjoy! - Fede  

Dark Alley Escape

What happened to your house? All your things are in a dark alley. Find a way to escape. Enjoy!  

Identity Escape

You woke up in a house similar to yours, but this one is much older. Something strange is happening ... Find a way to escape this situation. Enjoy!  

Magic Forest Escape

Escape from the magic forest using four skull eyes. Enjoy!  

Dragon Nest Escape

Escape from the dragon nest using four magic eyes. Enjoy!  

Pirate Coast Escape

Escape from the pirate coast using four eyes in the skulls. Enjoy!